Crochet Tambulams for Navrathri

Navrathri this year has been very different. There was a still quietness in the season. No silk saris came out. Nobody gets invited and no little girls running around in their pavadais.
Though it was so, we did manage to learn a new way to share the joy of the bommais on the golu padi.

The virtual navrathri

Since the pandemic and we being the vulnerable  group we decided not to invite anyone for this season. Does that need to stop sharing the thambulams? Never !!
We sent out images to our dear friends who are the usual ones who frequent us. Doing so, I felt that I should also share crocheted symbolic vettali paaku, so I can put them in post.

The vettali paaku set

The vettali paaku set is an arrangement of items that we usually gift to the ladies who visit us during the season. In this platter, I have arranged crocheted betel leaves, kumkum, turmeric with fruits and bangles. Except for the mirror and the plate the entire set is crocheted.
For the betel leaves, I have used a 2.5 mm stitches with acrylic thread and hook number. Here is a close-up.

1.Chain 7. Reverse

2.Leave first chain d Sc in all 5 chains last one 6th

4 Sc .reverse3.Ch1.Sc twice  in all……total 8 Sc reverse4.Ch 1 twice Sc in all eight…..16 numbers.reverse

5. Ch1. Sc in all 16 reversed crochet 3 more times 16 each reverse

6. Set in first d 14 Sc d last slst d reverse

7.And repeat that till it reaches one Sc.tie d cut.

I will cover the crocheted bangles in a separate post and the amigurumi fruits later. Do keep checking.

The Vision.

Welcome to my hobby endeavour,
Crocheting has been a passion for me from my childhood. Learning it from my mum at an early childhood age, the crochet needle has been my best friend. Little did I believe that this hobby will launch me in for a big success – The Guinness World Record. This was after I had retired and successfully navigated through my best roles of a homemaker, a mum and a government officer.
I attribute this success primarily to constant passion. Here is my experience, you may not think you are doing much till the time is right. So, keep that fire in you gently kindled at all times.
The second most important one is never above learning, as learning never stops.
The third, age is that number that holds you back, do your best at every year you get and it cannot hold you back.
Now, are you ready to see my creations?
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Enjoy your hobbies and draw inspiration from mine.